Manufacturer of Rogowski Sensors (Rogowski coil)

Production of electrical devices for the measurement of alternating and pulse currents. Alternating and pulse currents.CT ‘s and Rogowski coils.

Production of Rogowski Sensors
for export abroad

Quality made in Italy...

Rogowski coils are used for the measurement of alternating currents, these sensors are known as current transducer, Rogowski sensor, Rogowski coils , current transducers CT's

Discover now - Flex IV ( Rogowsky Coil)

Rogowski Coil


Solid and flexible

Solid and flexible sensors for the measurement of low , medium and high currents.

Rogowski size

All models of Rogowski coils are produced in different sizes by varying both the length and the diameter/section in order to be able to use them in any system and most difficult installations.


All our measuring transducers CT’s comply with international standards and some global certificates

Quality of materials

Our Rogowski sensors are made with the best conductive and insulating materials currently known.

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